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Thank you for your interest in FHA loans.

One of the most common questions I get is, what is FHA and why do I care… wait… that is two questions. Anyway, that is what I hear nonetheless.

Well, FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration. The Federal Housing Administration’s formation was the results of the banking crisis of the 1930s. FHA was created when the federal banking system was restruct….

Good Lord, do you really care about this? Why do so many sites act like a brochure instead of a conversation? If you didn’t see the warning on my home page, here it is again for the sake of disclosure.


*** WARNING: Content that follows is in conversational tone… real person to real person.

If you prefer the brochure like pontification 99% of the internet like to offer, do not read

on… do not pass go… do not collect $200.***

Lets start over. FHA? All you need to know is that, in today’s “ New World ” of financing real estate, FHA is the only game in town for people that have very little in the form of down payment.

Complete an FHA mortgage loan Application here


Today’s “conventional” loans have seriously pulled back when it comes to the percentage [loan-to-value] that they will lend a buyer. FHA will still finance up to 96.5% of a home purchase.

If you only have a few dollars to put down and may have challenges, potentially, with credit… this is likely the loan for you and you owe it to yourself to investigate it with someone that does a TON of them.

Call me. Or, if you are somewhat hesitant to ‘engage’ with a professional yet… Send me an email. Like me, you probably hate SPAM, so when you email me, I will answer your questions and only follow up with you if I have your explicit permission.







P.S. If you think you may need to investigate Credit Repair as a tool to get better financing terms, please refer to FLCreditFix.com\'s FREE Online Video. I have seen some simply amazing results through them

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